There are many associations that ensures the availability of people with proven specific experience, organizing canyon activities for everyone(AIC Italian Canyoning Association, CAI Italian Alpine Club, UISP Italian Union of Sport for All, and other smaller local association )

The main danger factors when canyoning are water, cold and injuries occurred in places hard to reach. The leading cause of deaths in canyoning is represented by flash floods. Another cause of accidents regards rope maneuvers done under a waterfall: arresting during descent can potentially lead to drowning. Cold (hypothermia), is an indirect danger that might occur in the event of prolonged breaks due to other causes (accidents, delays in the progression, loss or damage to the equipment).

Similar to alpine skiing, where there are ski runs with different levels of difficulty, off-piste slopes and the so-called extreme skiing, also canyoning provides both paths accessible to newcomers, and more challenging routes only for experts.
Canyoning is not, however, considered an extreme sport itself: in France it is usually offered to junior high kids. It might become extreme only if practiced in special conditions, such as high water flow streams, particularly low seasonal temperatures, or when exploring unknown routes.
The guided activity offered in tuscany does not include any of those conditions.